RADIO background image - plugin for VDR

Here is a modified version of the vdr-radio plugin who hasn't been updated by his author since vdr 1.3.18.
On this page you can find the latest release of my own for vdr 1.3.22
(1.3.19) and upwards might also work.


  1. Get the latest version from this site
  2. Unpack the package into "plugins/src" directory
  3. Make a symbolic link to this radio  (ln -s radio-x.x.x radio)
  4. Call "make plugins" in the VDR root directory
  5. Place your radio still images (mpg converted) in /video/plugins/radio/ directory where /video is your -v option when calling vdr. Your images must have the same name as the name of the channel in your channels.conf, including spaces or accents. If none is found, the plugin falls back to radio.mpg
  6. you can also download a sample of still images I created (sorry, french radios !)  here
  7. Start VDR with "vdr -Pradio"

Latest version


Changes since 0.0.5

Known Bugs and Limitations

Planned features for next releases (coming soon?)


Lars Tegeler
Initiator of the plugin
Frederic Pecourt
Support for vdr 1.3.22



Last modified 19/03/2005